If you were in charge of a computer company

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If you were in charge of a PC company, like Apple,Dell,Compaq,HP, any type of those companies, post what your products and specs would be. If you are a graphics guru, you can draw up pictures of your own project. If not, just use any mock-ups, or any pictures off of sites. Post what market each would target, it's price, its ammount of RAM, what type of processor, etc. I will reply with mine in a few minutes.


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    Low-end easy to use computer:

    Second-step chip. Like if there is a G5 in the high-ends, then a G4. If there is a Clawhammer in the high-ends, then the Athlon. If theres a P4 then a P3. This is for grandma's home computer to go on to a website every now and then, or maybe write an email. All-in-one, easy to use, easy to set-up. $900-1300

    Low-end business computer.

    These also use a second-step processor. It is for people not doin many proccesor intensive things, simple stuff maybe a spread-sheet or something. Accounting, or telemarketers, or maybe tech support. Small form-factor for cramped cubicles. Limited expansion. It has security features and other control things that let admins install software and stuff remotely. $800-$1400 no monitor.

    Powerful Home user or Powerful Business Computer:

    G4 Cube type form factor. It should have a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive, and one AGP slot. It is for home users who need more power or business users doing more complex things. Perfect for web design firms. Top of the line processor. $1300-$1800.

    Workstation Tower:

    Completely expandible with 5 PCI, 1 AGP, and every port you can think of. Support for up to 6 processors on the motherboard. Room for up to 15 GB of RAM. This is for power users that need a tower workstation. Starting at $1700 for single top-end processor. Probably with a form factor similar to the current QuickSilver G4 towers right Or maybe something like this, still with the easy access:

    I will also post sometime with laptops and servers.

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    thread crap

    This is General Discussion material.

    /thread crap
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    Oh, stupid me I should have posted there. Can someone move it or should I post a new topic?
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    If i was in charge of a computer company, the company will have only a few months to live ... with the kind of medecine that i can bring to them <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    If I were in charge of a computer company I would, with the help of the same gypsy monks that trained Steve and Miss Cleo, create an unprecedented RDF emission (doesn't that just sound dirty?)

    You would all be using 32KB PET's and loving it!
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    LOL, but seriously...
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