iPad 2 & blank PDF pages

in iPad edited January 2014
Bought my ipad to use during meetings and Loving my ipad, however have hit a wall in trying to overcome a PDF issue.

I've been scanning/receiving scans from my team at work, however some are scanned and appear fine on my windows and osx 10.6 computers, but when I download/upload via dropbox/itunes to good reader or ibooks some pages are black, and some pages appear just fine. I've had two documents that have been completely blank.

My settings: Acrobat X Pro:

Work scanner is a photocopier Xerox, my desk scanner is a Canon DR-150


B&W, grayscale or 24bit color

Apply Text recognition to make it easier when searching.

---Am I missing something in settings?

I use dropbox and recently started using sugarsync to sync my pdfs, anyone experiencing the same problem or has a solution? \
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