P4 chips on the blackmarket?

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from Tomshardware news blips:

[quote]Shipment of Intel Processor Chips Heisted

On Sunday morning, thieves lifted a shipment of Intel processors estimated to be worth $10 million just outside Heathrow Airport in London. The processors were said to be in a van that was parked for a short time in a commercial area near Heathrow that was subsequently stolen. While police recovered the stolen van a short time later, only about one quarter of the shipment in the van remained. According to police, the Intel processors were believed to have originated from Miami, Florida, with the final destination unknown. Whether the theft occurred before shipment out of Heathrow or after the processors had arrived at Heathrow is not yet known. No arrests have yet been made, but the investigation is continuing. This is the second large heist of computer chips near Heathrow, when $4.5 million worth of processors were stolen in October 2002. <hr></blockquote>

<a href="http://www6.tomshardware.com/technews/index.html#005323"; target="_blank">http://www6.tomshardware.com/technews/index.html#005323</a>;

Wouldn't these chips just get flagged later on by serial number as they appear in resale channels? If so, then what other possible use could there be to hijack such a large shipment? Is there a slim possibility they are being used for military technology development in some export-banned country?

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