Is This What Will Happen With iPod?

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Check out what Archos is going to do with its <a href=""; target="_blank">new MP3 player</a> (cum VCR, Camcorder, PDA). Is this the same strategy that Apple has for the iPod? What could they do to one-up Archos in this market? Anything?

Note: 10GB HD, Firewire ability, USB 2 ability and a color LCD screen! Talk about taxing your batteries!



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    that will make the ipod look like a good deal!
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    <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

    go go gadget camera

    the swapping seems ridiculous, why not just have different ports? usb, firewire; wouldn't that take care of digital still/video camera input? but then you couldn't have a usb camera i'd rather have the cam plug right in than read smartmedia... at least they got firewire...
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    competition is good.
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    That was too pithy, sorry, I do think having a QT player is one advantage that Apple has in controlling software and hardware. I don't know what other formats require in small devices like that, but hopefully QT has advantages in the size of files, etc. Does anyone know the difference in file sizes and program app sizes?

    Since QT is a full service player and producer, I'd imagine it might take an application size hit, but not significantly.
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    hell, taht thing is awesome, I'd buy one. I hope apple competes here, cause I'm sure they'd make something alot better...but for the time being, since that thing has firewire ability and plays mp3s...I'm sold....though I'm sure the interface is nothing near the beautiful and simple iPod interface...but I can live
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    did anyone catch the archos slogo?

    Archos Think Smaller

    also the fact they are supporting firewire, and clearly show they support mac, makes me think that they are not so anti mac....but then again I don't know this company very well.

    edit: I just looked around archos site some more, and they have a bunch of mac products and some mac only ones..they clearly have nothing agaisnt apple

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    An update for the iPod at Macworld Tokyo??

    Sure hope so...
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    Gameboy Module coming soon...
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