Been invited for 2nd Apple Recruitment Seminar?

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Hi !

I'm 18, and I've been invited to a Apple Recruitment Seminar. I live in the UK, and there are 3 stores within 10-13 miles of where I live.

Last year, there were only 2 stores and I applied to become a Specialist at one of them. Unfortunately a week after the Recruitment seminar/group interview thing, I got an email saying that I was unsuccessful and that :/

Feeling a bit more confident, I applied again a few weeks ago and have got an email asking me to come along to a recruitment seminar to the newest store (it's been open since about September or so last year).

I applied using the same Apple account (but changed my Apple ID email address), so although my email may have changed, they could see that I have applied in the past, and they have turned me down.

...So should I still go along? (I'd love to work for Apple!).



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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Hi there, I went to my first Apple Recruitment Seminar in Apple Store Kingston in the middle of 2008. After that they were trying to refer me to someone in Apple Store Regent St, after a few weeks I had my 2nd interview at Apple Store Regent St with two managers. A few weeks later I got the email that I had been declined.

    I would say, just go for the 2nd recruitment seminar thing, you never know what may happen. A lot of things can change with staff and managers of the various stores.

    Just keep in mind, while a job at an Apple Store is fun, don't view Retail as a career. Certainly if you are capable and interested in university, continue your studies and maybe work at the Apple Store part time in the meantime.

    All the best.
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