To rip or not to rip??

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Like many of you, I have a number of DVDs that I would like to rip to my Mac, but am a little unsure as to how to proceed.

My main concern is that any technology I opt for must be able to rip the entire content of my DVD (incl. extras, special features, subtitles etc) to a high quality output so that I may watch it on my Mac with the option of then being able to watch this exact same content on a device such as an iPad using a compatible file format.

Having done some basic research, I like the simplicity of RipIt but have discovered that whilst the Rip function in RipIt will output the entire DVD to a file that uses a .dvdmedia extension, it is my understanding that this cannot then be used on an iOS device such as an iPad without some further file conversion. Whilst the alternative Compress function in RipIt would allow me to output to an iOS compatible output, it will nevertheless strip away all of the extra chapters, special features, subtitles, and leave me with just the main feature.

So what I need to ask each of you is how best to proceed. Should I use RipIt to do a full Rip and then look to use some sort of conversion tool such as HandBrake, keeping in mind that I am not so confident in my ability to deal with the myriad options that a tool such as HandBrake requires; perhaps you can you recommend an alternative conversion tool to HandBrake.

Then again, should I just look to an all-in-one solution such as DVD Ripper for Mac

Any advice or tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated.




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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,351moderator
    Originally Posted by thesundowner View Post

    Then again, should I just look to an all-in-one solution

    Handbrake is an all in one solution and not complicated to use. Put the DVD in, choose one of the compatible presets for iOS devices and start encoding.
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    DVD's and their special menu features are designed to work with dvd players. There is no way to rip and convert a DVD to an iOS compatible file that includes all the interactive menus/features.

    If someone were to develop such an App (it's certainly possible from a technology standpoint), you can be pretty sure that the patent holder for DVD (whatever group that happens to be) would come down on said developer rather quickly with a LOT of lawyers!

    You could certainly rip each of the little featurette videos from a DVD in addition to the feature movie, but you won't get the interactive menus ... they would each be their own self-contained movie.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    What you want is basically what iTunes Extras is. It's just not possible whatsoever from an end-user standpoint to do it. Both legally (forever) and physically (currently).
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    icrizzoicrizzo Posts: 9member
    I use Ripit. But Handbrake works very well also and it is free.
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