Have any of you ever noticed

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Have any of you ever noticed that not a single member of the Beatles or the Stones has gone BALD.

Now I?m no expert but if you took the same number of random men the same age off the street I think at least 50% would be bald or balding.

Maybe having Millions of pounds is a cure for Baldness


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    charlie watts is balding a bit, but yeah you're right! maybe it's a british thing....
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    Have you noticed that all of them are rich enough to afford transplants, pillz, or wigs?
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    man, i can spot plugs a mile away,(elton is still wearing hats, edit: i meant a rug) in fact i thought something odd was going on with bowie's hair a few years ago, he's got a great mop growin'.....mcartney is now sporting a hideous dye job, kinda like bob costas's.

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    I've noticed that about ol' Paulie lately.


    He always had brown hair and, over the past decade or so, it was getting nice, NORMAL silver and gray flecks/patches. Looked nice...suited him.

    Starting about a year ago, he'd pop up with this horrible rust brown/auburn thing that just made him look horrible and like a made-up body in a mortuary.


    Come on, Paul...

    As for my buddy Keith, recently he seems to have some thinning hair. His forehead is going back quite a bit and you can see where it's thin in patches. It's so frazzled and wiry, it probably accentuates it more.

    Which brings me to something I've often wondered: WHAT would Mr. Richards look like if he ever combed his hair? I don't think he has in a good 20 years or so...it's always that big tousled mop, going out in every which direction (often aided with a headband of some sort).

    I'd love to see him with his hair neatly combed down, just to see what it would look like. It would probably be shocking.

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    on the last tour (no i'm not gonna pony up the dough to see 'em this tour, first tour i'll have missed since '72!) keith had little skulls hanging in his hair, but my favorite keith quaff was in 72 when he had the silver streaked in. that haircut (and i think he's always cut it himself) was imitated by millions
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    that's the look! the one of him passed out on a chair is cool too.....did annie liebovitz take that or was that before her time, she did take the one of him with the black scarf around his face from 1980. excellent pscates!
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    this one
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