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[quote]Here at Meretrix Technologies, we know how to unleash the potential of the Information Superhighway. We're about performance, because you're about performance, and we're about unleashing the dynamic energy of today's technology for you! We understand the importance of standards-compliant open systems technology, and we can provide the complete solutions that you need.

We're interactive because the future is interactive, and we know how to interact with tomorrow's interactive technology.

We understand the importance of reliability, and we know that the technology of tomorrow will require the craftsmenship of yesterday, and it will require it today.

Here at Meretrix Technologies, we believe in Continuous Quality Improvement. We believe that if we can provide constant improvement in our services, that their quality will continue to increase as a result, particularly over time, and that will, of course, mean greater performance over the long run.

We're excited about this new frontier, and we have the skills required to navigate through its often treacherous landscape. If you believe in the future, then you believe in us, because the future is already here, and those who will not be prepared for it have already been passed by.


You believe in the future, and you understand how crucial it will prove to tomorrow's financial picture.

Some will lead the way into the new frontier, and some will scramble to catch up. Which will you be? Talk to us.

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Sounds like someone read a copy of "Cliched Corporate-Speak for Dummies" and went to town on implementing every chapter...

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    Looks like the "About Us" copy I've endured from now defunct web design companies strewn across the "Information Highway"...

    Clue #1...the Internet isn't dead...it's still...

    Please come back soon!
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