iCloud and MobileMe Accounts

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I know we're a few days away, and not much is known about iCloud yet, but I had some thoughts about the speculations and how it might affect people.

There are numerous threads and discussions on the internet about having 2 separate Apple IDs, one for iTunes and one for MobileMe. I'm in that boat as well. Apple currently doesn't have the ability to merge these 2 types of accounts together, which might be cause for some concern, perhaps. Here's my logic:

Lets say you have an iTunes Apple ID for buying music, videos and apps. Later, you had joined MobileMe. Now, you have an iTunes ID and a MobileMe ID. So what happens if MobileMe morphs into iCloud? How would that work? If the IDs can't merge, would that mean we might need an iCloud account for the music purchased and another for the current MobileMe services (email, iDisk, etc.)?

Am I a bit paranoid, or is this something to think about? Is my logic off or am I making sense? Hopefully it's not an issue come Monday.
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