Setting up 20+ iPads with certain apps

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

Set up 20+ iPads with several (free and paid) applications, and multiple PDF?s in the library. The user will then be able to download as many apps as he/she wants, with his/her own itunes account.

I was thinking of setting up all of the iPads with the same iTunes account to download all of the base apps.. but then when the user goes to sync it to his/her computer, it won?t work because you can only sync that iTunes account to 5 computers, right?

The ultimate goal would be to be able to download additional apps to a users iPad with a company iTunes account if they can show that the app is work related.

I was also thinking of using the iPhone configuration utility.. but I can?t seem to figure out a way to do that with putting the apps on there.

I've been reading up on iPad for enterprise.. but can't find any documentation on what I'm trying to do. Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to do this?
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