UK iPhone Options For Under A Year

in iPhone edited January 2014
Currently an iPhone 3GS user on AT&T whose 2-year contract will be up by summer's end. I was planning on upgrading to an iPhone 5 and renewing with AT&T, but a change of events will have me in Scotland for the next 8 months & possibly Singapore for another 4 months.

My question is, what is the best way for me to use an iPhone for next 8 months or so?

-Jailbreak/unlock my US iPhone & try an purchase a UK SIM card?

-Can I get a pay as you go iPhone on one of the UK telecoms?

-Sign-up for the shortest contract & pay to break it? (looks like the shortest is 18 months)

-Hope the iPhone 5 has the rumored radios that allow it function as a world phone & purchase an unlocked one in the UK, w/ the hopes of using it back in the states

-Something else im not thinking of?

My main concerns are cost, then perhaps the ability to use the phone elsewhere in Europe, & keeping my iPhone backups. I dont mind using a 3GS, I don't have to have the latest hardware. I realize I could just get a burner phone,but i'd really like to rock an iPhone if I could (w/o breaking the bank).
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