(2011) 17" MacBook Pro Boot Camp problem....

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...alright, I finally got it to work. Since I virtually never use optical drives, I thought that the new version of Boot Camp (4.0) wasn't working right because Lion had called it "blank". Turns out it wasn't. Although it didn't show any files even in Windows, it had apparently been formatted for Windows at one point.

I found another DVD that was empty and burned a much more recent source disk of Windows 7 x64 that also had SP1 on it. I also made a bootable USB drive, which is what I usually use for installing any OS, but just to make sure, I tried re-configuring Boot Camp again with the new DVD and voila, everything went fine.

It had even let me do the whole thing with my MBP in clamshell (closed lid) mode because every now and then, I still forget that my 27" Cinema Display is not the iMac I had before. This MBP + Cinema Display solution works incredibly well and so does OS X 10.7 Lion. ;-)


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    ...well, it partitions the 750GB Toshiba drive just fine and I'm using the same (relatively old) Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit disk to install it but right at the end, I get "Windows cannot be installed on this hardware", or something to that effect. By "old", I mean it's an installation disk well before Service Pack 1 was released and also prior to a plethora of pre-SP1 updates.

    I just received an updated source disk for Windows 7 that has SP1 included. It's an ISO, though, and I always used PowerISO on Windows to burn *bootable* installation disks.

    How would I make a disk out of that ISO in OS X? I can just do it at a friend's but before I inconvenience anyone, do you think that it's even worth pursuing or is the 2011 MBP still "too new" for Boot Camp and running Windows 7 64-bit natively?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Disk Utility under Mac OS X can burn any ISO. (Just open the ISO in Disk Utility (Under Applications>Utilities), insert a blank DVD and select the Image in the sidebar and click Burn.
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    Thanks for letting me know about the ISO's. That's pretty cool.

    However, has anyone had an issue running BootCamp on the 2011 MBP's? I've never had a problem on the various iMac's that I've owned, so what's the story here? Is it the lack of a Windows driver for the ThunderBolt port? I'm stating to think that's it. Hmmmm....
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