Hosting service to replace Mobile Me "Sites" folder?

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Does anyone have any suggestions where I can get a good hosting service where I can host websites, and all document types including images for use on forums such as this one? Preferably somewhere I don't have to use FTP or a web interface for transfer, but I realize that might be too much to ask for.



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    Anyone? What hosting site can I use that is reasonably priced and freely accessible?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,218moderator
    Hosting normally uses FTP because it's a platform-independent protocol but it has issues on OS X because Apple don't put decent FTP support into the Finder. There are free FTP apps though.

    If you would rather have native read/write in the Finder like iDisk, you would be better using a server that supports SMB, AFP or WebDAV, mainly the latter two.

    For price, you are much better off with a shared server than VPS or dedicated and would be plenty for what you need as well as managed for you but they may not support protocols beyond FTP. Also look for unmetered hosting so you don't get unexpected charges posting an image on a forum with a million hits a month.

    Godaddy is one of the popular hosts with this kind of thing:

    They have Webdav support with their online files service but I'm not sure if it's on their shared hosts and it may differ between Windows/Linux. You will find it hard to get a Mac server that would make things a bit more seamless - but that's why the XServe is no longer with us. Still, Windows/Linux servers work just fine.

    I would recommend not buying a domain name from the hosting provider you choose because if your host gives you poor service, you don't have to pay extra to transfer the domain away from them.
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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    Anyone? What hosting site can I use that is reasonably priced and freely accessible?

    I use Hostmonster to host both the site and the site. I've been very happy with the support and price.

    They offer SimpleScripts that will install WordPress and other software if you want to blog or setup mailing lists too. I was on before and their support was horrible.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. I don't need a commercial website host, either for marketing or email or anything... I don't need a domain name. I just need a service where I can hotlink both images and files of any type, and post the occasional webpage, such as a custom photo album, private blog, for sale site, or essay. Password protection would be even better. In this regard, iDisk, iWeb and Mobile Me were absolutely perfect, and I don't see any sort of replacement out there that doesn't severely limit traffic. I'm one of those people who is deathly paranoid of hidden charges and prefers unlimited (or reasonably unlimited) services so I'm not suddenly slapped with a huge overage charge. Let's hope Apple gives hosting services some life support before next summer comes around and we lose everything.
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    zynikerzyniker Posts: 75member

    Bluehost is a decent option.

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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member FWIW. Don't worry Tonton, with your smarts you'll figure out the right solution for hosting and password protecting directories. It's pretty standard now using a web interface to configure your hosting, and you can just use Cyberduck to FTP files. You can even find free hosting out there or free hosting with a few paid extras.
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