Should the MLB be recruiting from around the world?

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I've seen the issue raised and I'm not quite sure where I stand.

Should teams be going and scouting in Cuba and Japana and Central and South America?

There are hundreds of baseball prospects and hopefuls right here in the United States. Is it right to go look elsewhere and deny them a spot for a cuban defector?


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    if you want to have the best baseball you possibly can then yes. plus latino players have been coming here for 50 years you going to cut them off now? baseball would suck.

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    i find it troubling how willing teams have been to throw money around though with unproven intl stars.

    yankees come to mind with contreras, matsui, irabu, even el duque

    32 million dollars over 4 years to someone who has never pitched in a mlb game, never pitched in america, and the coach has never even seen him pitch.
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