Pros: how is Final Cut "Pro" X the ultimate FAIL!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I've heard all of the excuses/rationalizations for the p.o.s. that is FCP X (this would have been a good update to iMovie, btw), here are the top 2:

1. This is just a 1.0 release: okay, but it is a pretty horrible one. If the app wasn't ready, then Apple should not have released it.

2. You still have FCP 7: yeah, but the future of FC does not bode well if FCP X is any indication....etc., etc, etc....

Excuses..excuses...I'm sure the others will be added to this thread as well, but excuses don't pay the bills and they don't excuse what a crippled application FCP X is.

If you're a pro and use FCP, what are the reasons why FCP X is completely inadequate for professional work?


From my personal experience, most professional work is not done with a single camera. Our productions use 3 (minimum) to six cameras, so the fact that multi-cam support is gone is absolutely inexcusable for a so called professional application.

The way the application stores media is absolutely retarded....

And the list of missing features is absolutely mind boggling:


For now, and it's sad for me to say this, I'm done with the game. This was the product that completely built my company starting in 2000 / 2001 and now it's time for me to say goodbye. As I tell everyone else, if the tool isn't working for you, then find a tool that does. Fortunately we have Adobe Premiere which has made incredible strides of late and already supports our AJA Kona boards. We also hear that Avid is on a path that will open up the cards soon as well.

So it's been a good 10 year ride and if the application does truly get to a point where we can use it again, we could always bring it back. But for now let me just say, Goodbye Final Cut Pro and Thanks for all the Fish.

As I mentioned on another thread, this is going to cost Apple dearly with the professional community, but perhaps they don't even care. This is not where the money is.

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