MobileMe Web Gallery Disappearing

in Mac Software edited January 2014
With the release of the keynote discussing iCloud, one very painful omission for me personally, was the lack of continuing the MobileMe Web Gallery, and the additional iPhone Gallery App that went along with it.

This feature was apparently used by so few Mac users that Apple felt compelled to discontinue this service for the users who did use it. I've started this thread to discuss among fellow Mac users which methods will now be offered to people who take a lot of photos for sharing their photos without having to email them. The way to begin this discussion is to start off with my particular case, as an example only, to frame the discussion.

In my Web Gallery, I currently share 1174 photos, and 17 videos. The reason I use Web Gallery is because I have family all across the US and it was a very convenient way to share those photos and videos in one easy to navigate place for family members of every age group. Photo Stream, as currently offered in iOS5 does not offer this functionality, and is therefore, in my opinion, not conducive to the sharing of images and video in one easy to navigate place.

This brings me to a very painful point when it comes to Apple. I suppose like many other users, I've become rather spoiled with the way Apple has done things. Most of us remember the days when we had iDisk, and we could share our photos and movies that way with our family no matter where they were in the world. The latest iteration of that service was MobileMe, and Web Gallery suited my needs just fine, as well as helping me share my images and video with family and friends with an easy to use Apple iPhone App, and website for computers. Now that we are losing this functionality, I'm left with a rather significant personal dilemma. What am I supposed to do now?

There are two possible likelihoods I can see happening in this particular instance (Web Gallery). The first is that Apple is starting iCloud off with basic features while leaving MobileMe intact because they are well aware that there are things that haven't been completed in iCloud (like photo and video sharing). The second, more personally painful, option is that Apple no longer will provide a means for family and friends to share photos with one another and that other companies and websites are now going to have to be sought out to provide that functionality.

This is where you all come in. I'd like to think that the vast majority of you have friends and family in other places, whether that be in other towns, other states, or other nations. This is, therefore, an issue you've likely addressed yourselves to one degree or other. If Apple fails to provide a means of sharing photos and videos (excluding emailing them), which all-in-one services would you recommend that is easy to use (for the older folks in our families) and provides an iPhone App for access to the content (for the younger in our families)?

I know I'm in the vast minority when it comes to actually using Apple's Web Gallery and associated iPhone App. This thread is to discuss which options are available to those of us who share photos and videos with family and friends, and to discuss viable options for doing these things now that Apple has discontinued Web Gallery. This thread is also to discuss whether or not you believe Apple is going to offer this functionality prior to the 2012 deadline for MobileMe.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.
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