Dick Applebaum would love this

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"I'm pulling all my data flows, in and out of the World Outline. I'm really narrating my work. Finally.

Today I got RSS rivers to flow through there! Really spacy. Actually wonderful.

It's really something to see. And it's the realization of a vision Dick Applebaum had for outlining back in 1981 or so.

Dick was co-owner of the main computer store in the Apple community, Computer Plus in Sunnyvale. All the Apple people shopped there, and so did the developers of the day. Any Saturday you could go down there and be sure to see a few people you knew. It was like WWDC before there was a WWDC..."



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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    That's our Dick Applebaum? Must be, he's talked about his Apple store days. Someone should let Winer know he's hanging out here!
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    nhtnht Posts: 4,522member
    I assume that he will contact Winer but thought the background stories interesting enough to post the linkage vs just a PM.
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