Can you transfer video shot on ipod touch to ipad....

in iPad edited June 2015
Using only the Apple camera kit and then EDIT that video in imovie? I heard yes and no on this(from two different Apple employees no less!)... and I need to get a definitive answer!!! So i figured ou geniuses here at AppleInsider would know. :-P

I plan to get an ipad 2 based on this. I want to travel overseas with only an ipad 2 and an ipod touch, and be able to shoot video on the touch and then edit it in imovie WITHOUT having to go thru a computer first! I figured i could use the Apple cam kit to transfer.

I saw a woman on youtube transfer her ipod touch video to the ipad 2 and it played....BUT she didn't attempt to open it in imovie and edit it. I know you can shoot video with the ipad's camera and then edit it....but come on....who REALLY wants to be holding up a huge ass ipad to shoot video with? You'd look like a crazy person. Dopey Doh!

Thanks for any response to this question.

I am a huge Apple head fan boy....been one since before it was cool to be one....but i have to say....I am getting alittle pissed off with Apple lately! Lol. Seriously. Their upgrade policy is getting annoying. They almost FORCE you to have to buy a new product every time its updated. For example....the first ipad cant run iMOVIE? Lame! It only came out a year ago! Little things like that are annoying. Anyway....just venting. :-p


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