AV Port from portables on iPod?

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Would it not be completely super ultimately cool if Apple threw the AV port that they feature on their iBooks/PowerBooks onto the iPod and allowed downloaded web media to be played through the iPod directly to your TV set? As well as pictures and stuff? Talk about the ultimate digital wallet.


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    In the not so distant future, you will see Firewire connectors on most consumer electronics devices... TVs, VCRs, A/V Receivers and such... there is a good chance MPEG-4 (in parallel with the current MPEG2) will be supported by these devices.

    When and if this happens, then you will be able to stream whatever audio/video file over firewire from your iPod to your home theater. Not there yet, but soon. Hardware is already in place, the iPod would just need a firmware revision (software update) for it, or maybe "intelligent TVs" will see the iPod and other HD based devices as sources for all sorts of media.

    As to getting analog video out on the current iPod, that's just not feasible or desireable. It would just make it bigger and more expensive, adding a digital/analog video converter to it requires lots more CPU power.

    Analog video is (50%) out. Digital is in.
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