Xserver setup

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I am currently new to Xserver. I have a school setup with an Xserver and a network consisting of 30 iMacs. I'm currently trying create an image of the basic imac that I have created from the iMac itself in the disk utility. I changed the file into an .iso and had it compressed. From there I went to the system image utility on the xserver and Im currently trying to create a netboot image so I can push it out to all the other iMacs if they needed to be re-imaged. If anyone has the best configurations or any other easier way to do this.

I am having troubles with creating a netboot image. For some reason it wont allow me to select the .iso as a file and if so. After I press run... it doesnt seem to do anything except put a check mark saying it is correct but no image.

I would be very appreciative.



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