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Hi all,

i´m considering to buy a new imac 27 (future switcher ) well, considering is not the word, i definitely will buy one. Well, here´s the question: Is there any way to connect a Xbox 360 without hdmi to the imac, i know there´s a way with a 3rd party hardware for hdmi to displayport, but is there a device that offers rca or composite input?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor english


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    The newest iMacs function as displays in their own right. This means that you can play your XBox through them if you have the right adapters.

    You would need an HDMI (male) to Mini DisplayPort (male) cable or adapter.

    If you decide to do this, buy the adapter quickly. The HDMI Group says that these cables and adapters are illegal (they're not).
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