[Q]Is the iPhone 4 the best phone for listening to music?

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I own a SGS2 at the moment. I like it. But I don't rate it listening to music through earphones. I am using some Sennheiser CX300s which are not the best but much better than any bundled earphones.

I've been reading about Wolfson DAC/headphone amp parts like the wm8994 and so forth.

So which phones deliver a good loud sound through the earphones? And on the subject which phones have a clear loud speaker/s? Its annoying because the reviews rarely cover these areas. And even the manufacturers don't really bother publishing audio specs. Music is a killer app for me.

BTW does anyone know if the LG Optimus 7 has the Wolfson wm8994 headphone amp. And what are the best Nokia phones like for audio.

I might have to move on to the iPhone 5 or a Nokia Windows Phone in a few months. The SGS2 is not a great mp3 player imho.


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    shrikeshrike Posts: 494member
    You're looking for sound quality or music management?

    If you are looking for sound quality, buying a good set of earphones would be the biggest driver in your music experience. Get something that fits comfortably in the ear and provides good noise isolation. I've searched long and hard, and this appears to be a try it before buy exercise.

    If you are looking for music management, that kind of depends. Apple's iPod app or Music app combined with iTunes is a very competent set of tools for 90% of the people out there. If you have 20k tracks, basically nothing will be nice for you and you'll have to do some of that management yourself.
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