ios update to 4.3.3 gone bad? :( need help

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Sorry about the topic the ios version I was updating to is 4.3.4

hey guys

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this I just joined the forum to ask about my problem

I am hopeless. I need help badly...

I was updating my iphone4 and my computer crashed and restarted itself

now the iphone is staying still with the apple logo and the progress bar not moving at all

I connected the cable to different usb ports.

the computer finds that a usb device is connected, as it starts itunes when I connect it to the computer

but itunes finds no iphone or anythin?

I tried to shut down the iphone by pressing the power off button but it wont turn off

what happened here? is the phone got stuck?

I was waiting for very important phone calls in a few hours and I don't have a spare phone to use


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    hold the power button and home button together. it will restart.
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    aygungaygung Posts: 2member
    thanks for the advice but I couldn't have time to try that.

    I slept on it and when I woke up the battery was depleted. I put the phone on recharge and it showed connect the phone to itunes picture, I connected it to the computer and it said itunes found an iphone in recovery mode, it reset the phone to factory defaults and updated the ios this time. now I lost all my contacts but at least it is working again
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by aygung View Post

    now I lost all my contacts but at least it is working again

    Why? If you had just restored from a backup, this wouldn't have happened.
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