Selling my APPL stock TODAY! WOW! $505,545,728.00/share

in AAPL Investors edited January 2014
I can't believe the boom that the stock is having according to AppleInsider today. I'm selling my stock and retiring.

EDIT: I can't get my screenshot into this but I posted this joke because the site is showing apple stock value as…

AAPL: 505,545,728.00 ( +0.01 )

I just thought it was funny. Even funnier that it is only up 1 cent today.


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    mobiusmobius Posts: 379member
    Yeah, I noticed it said that a day or two ago too. Then it went back to $364, or whatever.

    Must be a glitch, but strange that it hasn't been fixed yet.

    How I wish it were that high - I'd be filthy rich by now. Haha!
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