Quality bus powered 7200 rpm DRIVE ?

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Am looking for a good 7200rpm 2.5 bus powered drive, for video editing....must be able to be on/working for 5 hrs plus. RAID 1 would be great. It would be one of my main drives as I travel a lot

Couple of questions:

Has anyone used or compared these two drives?


inXtron-Macpower 2-Bay SATA -to- eSATA+USB2+Firewire800

( Taurus Mini Super-S PDM-MSBU2OS )


G-Drive Raid Mini 7200 RPM 1TB

On the 1st one (taurus mini). What happens if one drive fails. Can I just wack in another drive and have it rebuild?

This Taurus is cheaper that some other drives Cal or i storage Pro.

Does it measure up to these more xepensive ones?

What happens if the G-Drive fails? Can I extract one of the two drives and replace with another and have it re-build?

Lastly does anyone have any other good tips on a QUALITY drive ?

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