New MBA's...So do they have HT and Turbo Boost or not?

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Any final word on that? They don't mention either on the product page unlike other Sandy Bridge macs, leading to suspicions that the featured were disabled for whatever reason. But that Geekbench score would seem to indicate HT at least is enabled, since GB gives a big bonus to HT processors. Anyone know of any sites that actually took a look?

With those two features these would be pretty appealing to me, I liked the last ones but you could feel them hit the processor wall pretty quickly, with HT and Turbo that would be reduced a great deal.

And how about that rumored SSD speed bump, anyone know a site that's benchmarked that yet?


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    dcorbandcorban Posts: 58member
    I was also wondering about this. Based on the specs, I thought the i5 Airs would just be dual-core with no hyper threading. I assumed hyper threading was only an i7 thing, if at all.

    I am about an hour into using my new 13" Air, and there are 4 CPU charts in Activity Monitor. So it appears that, yes, it is a dual-core system with hyper threading enabled.

    I don't know about the Turbo, but I would assume it is disabled.
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    tipootipoo Posts: 994member
    Ah, thanks! If there are four graphs, it has HT for sure. And no, with Sandy Bridge the mobile i5's got hyperthreading as well.

    Theres a way to check if it has Turbo Boost as well, I can't find what program right now though, maybe someone else can tell you and you can check.
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