os x lion label colour volumes

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Has anyone been able to change the colour of the label on their start-up volume? I can see the different colours but it's staying on the original colour and will not let me change it.




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    limelime Posts: 1member
    Yeah, I've been googling on how to do it too =)) It turned out to be very easy. For all of you who are trying to find out how to change the label colour of the system drive in the new OS X Lion, here is how you do it:

    1. Secondary click on a drive -> Get Info

    2. Find Sharing & Permissions and click a small lock icon

    3. Enter your admin password

    4. Then change the "everyone" user's permissions to Read & Write

    5. Now you are able to change the label colour of the system drive. Change it to whatever you want. After that don't forget to change the permissions for user "everyone" back to Read.

    Good luck =))
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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    Awesome thanks.....

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    I have a related issue.  I have sever volumes that i had set labels on for visual reference when i was running snow leopard.  I now want to take advantage of labeling for search purposes but the labels are greyed out on the INFO of the network mounted volume.  Every time I unmount the label comes back on remount.  Any help would be great, even if it is deleting a file that contains the stored information about the labels.

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