Quicken substitute

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Has anyone found a secure substitute for Quicken since Quicken does not work with Lion?---

I am worried about security with iBank---any suggestions--is iBank safe?


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    mysticmystic Posts: 514member
    Quicken Essentials works with Lion.
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    chipzchipz Posts: 100member
    Although I haven't really checked into it, Moneydance seems to be a possible replacement for Quicken. I have tried Quicken Essentials and I hate it. The conversion process is terrible. ome items were importe into incorrect accounts and thereby affected the balances. Removing the incorrect information was downright boring - especially since one account had entries going back 26 years. iBank is another can of worms. It's interface takes awhile to get used to and ca be considered clunky. I wish Intuit had paid more attention to its Mac customers.
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