What The President Really Meant To Say

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My Fellow Americans,

The events of September 11th brought fear to this Country. I am proposing a War that will allow us to extend that fear. It is now time to Lock and Load, you are either With Us or Against Us, and we will Take Him Either Dead or Alive regardless of what the rest of the World thinks. Fear is an important element to my Administration. Promoting Fear has allowed my Party to gain significant seats both in the House and the Senate during this past year. Spreading fear has also taken our minds off of this dreadful economy.

I regret that my administration and its policies has caused the loss of over 2.3 million jobs; this after the previous administration created 10 times that many. But for those of you who will qualify for my tax cuts, help is on the way. In fact, I am very happy to announce that my Vice President will get over $325,000 in help this year alone. As for myself, I am looking forward to my $120,000 dollar benefit from this plan. This is like getting a 30% raise in one year alone. As for my Dad, he will benefit also under my tax plan and well he should. His name got me into Yale even with my 'C' average. He and his friends helped buy that Baseball team for me years ago even knowing that I had poor business skills. He helped me become Governor of the great state of Texas, and God knows without my Dad, I would not be standing here before you tonight.

I am also very happy to announce that for our loyal Civil Service workers throughout our Country your pay will remain the same. This will allow me to increase the salaries of our Supreme Court Justices and pay back a real big favor that they gave me in the 2000 election. Also for all of you Poor Minimum Wage earners out there, keep up the good work with those 'Burgers' and maybe within a couple of years or so we will be able to raise your wages by as much as .25 cents per hour. You can use that increase any way you want... help pay for insurance, child care, rent, a overdue utility bill, or even food for your children.

Major challenges continue to face this great Nation. We must take away the right for women to choose, We must keep African Americans in check by doing away with Affirmative Action and we must seal our boarders from those evil foreign people. My Attorney General will continue to detain without cause and merit those people who look like they may do evil to this country based on the color of their skin and their religion. My administration however, will continue to solicit the support and votes of those in the South who support the flying of a flag that many on the 'Left' simply have problems with.

In Closing, 2003 will be an exciting year. We will have done away with the man that tried to kill my daddy and we will have filled our Courts with Justices that will help me and my administration limit any additional Civil Rights or 'Hate' legislation and overturn that thing called 'Roe vs. Wade'. We will continue to help Big Business with Tax breaks while driving the message forward that the Low and Middle Class must contribute more for the well being of this great Nation.

May God Bless Me and My Country

Good Night


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    ewwhite Greetings and welcome to the AI community!

    edit: (I just noticed you have been around for more than a year I have not seen you around. My mistake.)

    I checked out your webpage and I think what you do is very cool. I am sure you have tremendous joy with your line of work.

    cool mixes btw.


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    Double post

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