MAC OS X Lion - two and three finger tapping issue

in macOS edited January 2014
Just day's ago I lost double tapping functionality that I used when I want to open the menu (same as the right click on mouse).

Settings - Trackpad - Point & Click - Secondary click

"Click or tap with two fingers" but illustrative hand shows me one finger and sometimes three fingers?

In my MBA even the three finger tapping does not work


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    jushjush Posts: 2member

    You can fix the lag by disabling smart zoom under trackpad options. The system is waiting to see if you are single tapping or double tapping to zoom.

    On a related note, I cannot get two finger tapping for contextual menus to work at all on my Core 2 Duo MBP. It's enabled in the menu, but the OS doesn't recognize the taps. Two finger scrolling works great and ctrl + tap works as well...
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    rolyroly Posts: 72member
    And I've noticed that there's no double-click speed option for the trackpad any more. Seems a little strange that they've decided to remove that but leave the option for the mouse...
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