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Hi Everyone,

My 2006 MAC Pro is at the point where I'm ready to replace it. I can get approximately $850 for it on trade, a little more off ebay.

I have a Windows 7 PC I built as a media center that has decent specs. (AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad Core Processor - 3.20GHz and a Radeon HD 5750 GDDR5 1)

I primarily use my MAC Pro to manage photos, do light video editing, email, surf the web and play a couple games such as WOW and Rift.

I use the Window PC to watch movies and Over the Air HD signals. I watch Blue-Ray with my PS3.

What I'm trying to decide is this;

Do I upgrade the Window PC with more ram and a better GPU to play games and replace the media center with a MAC Mini or,

Do I keep the PC as a media center and buy the new 3.4 Ghz Core i7 iMAC with a 27" screen?

My first option would be the cheapest route and the PC should be up to the gaming task. The iMAC would be a $1500 (after selling my MAC Pro) but the Mini option would only be a few hundred $$.

I'm just not sure I need the processing power of the iMAC but the 27" Screen is very attractive. The media center or Home Theater PC (MAC Mini) would be connected to a 50 Plasma TV in the living room and I could use Elgato iTV for over the air broadcast.

I already have an iPhone and a large iTunes library plus a full terrabyte worth of media files on an external hard drive.

I just hate to give up my MAC Pro for a Mini, it makes me feel like I'm giving up a lot but the newer mini's have more processing power than my old Pro.

I would love to hear everyone's opinion on this.

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