What's the best fitting in-ear headphones w/ mic & remote?

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I've a pair of Shure E200 (old old), Apple in-ear headphones, and Maximo iMetal. The Maximo's broke. I put the Apple in-ear headphones in through the washer-dryer, and I'm living with the Shure's for now.

But the problem is they are uncomfortable. The foam buds, the plastic buds, etc, do not fit well and the ears hurt after awhile.

Any suggestions? The Apple in-ear headphones were my favorite as they fit well and provided good sound isolation.


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    the new bose in ears are great. the are pricey and they take a little getting used to but they sound great and the rubber they use is really comfortable. i have worn then for 8+/- hours without any discomfort.

    "Scosche IDR350md Increased Dynamic Range Earphones" are a less expensive option (less than $50) that are good too. my kid has em and they are surprisingly good.

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    I have a slightly (un)related comment. I would recommend getting a Phillips iPhone Mic. This way, you can use it with any set of headphones. You can find these at Target for about $10.

    When you order your headphones, order it with a cord somewhere between 10 to 18 inches so that the mic hangs by your lapel and that you don't have extra cord dangling around. The exact length depends on the type of headphone and how you wear your headset (wrap around ear or let it hang straight down). Use the headset you have now to measure the length of the cord. The mic is designed to hang by your lapel--not close to your mouth or it will be too loud and less clear on the other end if you do.

    Another wireless alternative is the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset (they also make a model that's white if you prefer that color). It comes with headphones, I don't know how good or comfortable they are, but I would get this just for the bluetooth adapter which contains a mic. If you don't like the headphones, you can use the adapter with any other set of headphones.

    Depending on the headphones you get, you may not be able to order it with a short cord. In that case, you can send it to an electronics store and have them cut it. I sent a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-700s to Moon-Audio a couple of years ago, they charged me $20 plus shipping to cut the cord. I had them put an 1/8 inch male jack on the headphone, and an 1/8 female jack on the other end of the cord that they cut. I plugged that cord into my headphone amp on my desk, and connected from there while listening at home, and connected the headphones to the Phillips Mic I mentioned above when listening from my iPhone.

    You didn't mention your price range for headphones or how you plan to use them. If you got the Sony bluetooth headset above, you could use those on the road and get a set of Sennheiser or Audio-Technica full size headphones to use at home in comfort. If you're set on in-ear headphones, and comfort is of prime importance, then consider getting a set custom made from ear molds. Ultimate Ears and I think Shure make them for a few hundred dollars.
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