How can I filter our protected AAC songs that are owned by someone else?

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For several years, my brother and I each allotted one of our five authorized playback devices to one another. This allowed us to legally share our iTunes purchases. Over time, the number of devices in our families grew past five and we can no longer include each other on the authorized list. Now I am stuck with a bunch of protected files that I can't play. I would like to identify these, and purchase the ones that I would like to continue to own.

How can I filter my music to display the owner of the protected AAC? This was possible in a previous iteration of iTunes, by selecting "owner" as one of the iTunes columns. This option no longer exists. I can filter by type, but I am still stuck with a list that includes all of the files I have bought as well.

Any ideas about how I can filter the protected AACs by owner?


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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    I am able to see the track's owner data when I view the Info window. I guess this means that the information is stored as meta data in the file. Does anyone know how-using iTunes or otherwise-I could search files using the owner meta data as the filter?
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