Video noise with KVM

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I have this setup:

Apple 30" Cinema display

ATEN 1644 4-port KVM

2008 era Mac Pro, ATI 5870 video card, dual boot windows/mac osX

I get a lot of video noise when I run things through the KVM, but the noise has different qualities on the Windows and the Mac side. Removing the KVM and the noise goes away - when booted into the mac I get a burst of green static lines that move down the screen, when booted into Windows I get flickering white line segments (1-2 mm long) all over the black areas of the screen.

Any ideas? Is it just a bad kvm?


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Yeah, it sounds like a sync issue, which would involve attenuation in the KVM. You might try cleaning contacts, but other than that... try getting a new one with a return window.
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