Bizarre audio issue in 10.6.8 after sleep, with latest updates completed

in macOS edited January 2014
Ever since my latest updates to Snow Leopard, my iMac Quad core i5 (8gb RAM) has been experiencing bizarreness on wake from sleep. If it goes to sleep entirely, on waking, everything seems slow: the mouse moves chunkily, the internet works slowly, video plays in fits and starts, and most oddly, the audio will play, but it plays as if it has been slowed down 1000x, in a creaky, samply-sounding stream of clicks that is unintelligible... at first when I heard it I thought there was something desperately wrong with my recently-fixed hard dive, but I realized that there was a browser window with a video playing in the background, and that was the source of the sound.

All sound - video, iTunes, system sounds - suffer this same problem until I restart, at which point everything seems to be normal, and the system seems to run up-to-speed again. But it affects my functioning remotely as well, and it is becoming a problem.

Has anyone else been experiencing this AFTER all the latest SL updates, and are there any fixes, workarounds, or even acknowledgements that it is an issue?


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