re download lion?

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OK, I bought and installed Lion on launch day and am happy with it. My sister will be in town this week, on leave from the Armed Forces, I want to install it on her mac book at that time but dont want to re download it at that time. I cant seem to re download it on my Lion upgraded mac, so is there a way to re download Lion and copy it to my USB flash drive from a lion installed Mac?

Im probably gonna need to do several updates before loading Lion anyhow cause Im gonna make sure Snow Leopard and all Apple apps are up to date before going Lion so adding a 4GB download of the new OS to that will make upgrading her laptop an all day project rather than a 2-3 hour task.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,549moderator
    There was a thread on Apple's support forum pointing to a support document:

    "If you completed your installation of OS X Lion, your installer may have been removed after your successful first login to OS X Lion. Mac App Store's Purchases page should show Install Mac OS X Lion as being "Installed", and disallow its download, when viewed from a computer running OS X Lion.

    To redownload the installer on a computer running OS X Lion, press and hold the Option key while you click the Purchases tab. If the button to the right of the Install Mac OS X Lion item doesn't change to "Install" and allow you to download Lion, use Spotlight to search for "Install Mac OS X Lion" on your computer."
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    NEVER LET GO of that Installer DMG. "Burn" (Restore) it to a 8GB USB stick ASAP or a 8GB partition of a USB hard drive. Use that to install. 45 minutes tops to install/upgrade a Mac. 30 minutes or less possible. Discs and re-downloading are really too slow.
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