problem with Trackpad inside Mac Mailer

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I am having a strange problem with trackpad using it in my Mac mailer.

I have 2 Macbook Pro laptops, one works under 10.5.8 and uses the Mail version 3.6.

The other one works under 10.6.8 and new mailer version is 4.5 (1084).

I have transferred all my setting from the old Mac (the one with 10.5.8) to the

newer one.

All seems to work well, except one problem with the mailer. I can select multiple messages in the old mailer, pressing the pad and drugging the cursor down. All message are highlighted in blue and I can move them to the folder.

But, if I do the same on the new Mac (under 10.6.8), I can't do it. If I press the pad, I see a frame around the selected message, but when I drag it down, it does not highlight anything else, it just looks like trying to move that message around.

It is strange that I can do that multiple highlighting with the mouse, though. But I rarely use mouse, so, any help to fix this problem is appreciated.

I tried to compare Trackpad setting, they seems to be the same as in the old Mac (within the changes associated with the new system version).


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Are we talking OS X's Mail application?
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    rrmrrm Posts: 2member
    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    Are we talking OS X's Mail application?

    Yes, that's right. My suspicion that he trackpad behavior is slightly different in the new system's version.

    I guess, I kind of able to do it now - it seems to work if I tap first and then drag down the list. It was not needed to tap i 10.5.

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