the L key on my pismo keyboard is stuck

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the L key on my pismo keyboard is stuck. It will work only when lots of pressure is applied like there is something stuck beneath it. any ideas on how to fix this?



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    did you try lifting the key off and cleaning out any stuff that's under it?
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    ericeric Posts: 25member
    How do I lift the key up?

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    [quote]Originally posted by eric:

    <strong>How do I lift the key up?


    I have taken keys off my boards with a bent paper clip, formed into a fish hook shape. Hook it under the key (which is hollow) and pull up. Try to catch the key as it flies past your ear.

    I learned to do this because of stuck keys, stemming from our long-haired cats' shed fur and my wife's cigarette ash debris compacted like felt between the keys and switches.
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    Make sure you turn your computer off, and remove the keyboard before you do this.
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    Be very careful, though. The keys have little tabs that connect them to the springy plastic parts underneath and they break easily. My Command key wasn't working last summer, and when I took it off to clean it, I broke one of the tabs off. Now it's only half joined.
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member
    Well, if you break the key tabs, there is always duct tape.
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    I've got a similar problem with my Pismo keyboard... the space bar.

    It's got a long upside-down-U shaped metal bar, secured by clips at the right and left ends.

    Unfortunately, the bar has popped free of the clips at the left side. This means that trying to press the right side of the space bar means it just pivots in place, so there's no pressure to register on the little plunger in the middle.

    Pushing really hard on the left side clicks it back into place, good for a couple presses or so before it pops back out.

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