Fortune: Google are Pussies

in General Discussion edited January 2014
  • Yelp gets popular? Copy their info, shove Yelp to the bottom of the page and put Google Places and reviews at the top.

  • Groupon won't sell? Spend billions from other businesses to destroy them.

  • Twitter and Facebook innovate on search? Take their content, whine when they try and stop you then spend billions to prevent their growth and hopefully destroy them.

  • Apple working on a touchscreen smartphone? Spend billions from another business and copy everything you can, down to swipes and apps.

  • Need a smartphone operating system with Java. Take Java and use it for your own ends.

  • Need a location mapping technology and Skyhook won't sell? Spend billions from your monopoly profits and strongarm your partners and drive Skyhook out of business.

  • Buy up the big travel search sites.

  • Claim you are open source but share nothing related to what your business claims to be about -- search, and nothing related to how you make your money -- advertising

  • Claim you are open and standards based but control who gets access to your smartphone operating system

  • Like all rich monopolists, they spend millions hiring high priced lobbyists and public relations teams inside the Beltway -- for their direct benefit

  • The list goes on...
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