Needed: CRM and task list generator that work together

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I am in direct sales and just starting up my business. I need a way to keep track of tastings (like a party); customers from each party; and leads. I also need tasks per customer. For instance 2 weeks after a customer gets their food, I should call them to make sure nothing is gathering dust. (what good is food if they don't eat it?) then I need to take actions based on their responses like find recipes for them. About 2 months after they are using stuff, I need to see if they need any more food. I also need to track peoples interest level in things like hosting a tasting or being a rep. This way when I need another tasting, I can call people who won't be annoyed.

I found Zoho can do this but each task is emailed individually to me. I would much rather have one task list given to me each morning.

So I started looking at task list generators. I saw a few names that looked promising including OmniFocus and 2Do. But I need the CRM to feed tasks into the task list generator.

I also would like a task list generator that has classifications of tasks like from those 7 Habits books. They had this quadrant setup for tasks using urgent or not urgent and important or not important.

So each day, I'd like to be able to specify that I want 2 prospective customers to call; 3 "r u eating ur food" calls; 1 recruit call; 5 important and urgent tasks from my job as a mom...

Does anyone know software that will do this?

Oh and it of course, needs to have an iPad and iPhone app.

Thanks in advance.

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