iTunes no longer shows any purchases

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When I click the "Purchases" tab on the current version of iTunes, it no longer shows ANY purchase history. It does not matter rather it is music, books, apps, etc. there is NOTHING there!

This just started happening and it worked for me the last time I tried it but that was a few weeks ago. Is anyone else seeing this and has this been reported to Apple? I tried doing a google search and here but can't find out what the issue is. Seems to be some sort of issue on the Apple side though since it has worked before just fine for all my music, apps and such with no trouble showing up. Some are reporting various other issues trying on their phones and just wondering what is going on?


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    have you tried uninstalling it and re-install the software? I think your iTune is defective now. Just a suggestion.

    Yes, I tried that and talked with Apple Care today. The person I spoke with is seeing the same thing with hers and had another caller with the same issue as well. Nothing they can do on their end because it seems like the link has an issue connecting properly or it is something on the server side of things causing problems.

    They said to report it to the iTunes support people and let them look into it. It will be interesting to see what is going on.
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