Wierd Startup crashes

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my iMac DVSE is(I suspect) mad at me for abusing it because for the first few months of me having it, it made NO NOISE!

now it makes(and has made for closing in on a year now) a high pitched whine noise

thats just one of my problems

but I can live with that(though if anyone knows how to fix it I would love them forever)

my more annoying problem is that almost every time I shutdown my iMac(at night, so I can listen to music without the whine)

when I restart it the next day(usually in the afternoon) It loads my pop-up windows, stickies and my system partition(named ardvark)

it doesn't load the logitech driver software and if I try and force quite or do anything it either freezes or no menus or folders or anything open

but then when I huit the force restart on the side it startsup just fine

any ideas?

running iMac DVSE 500 sept 2001 OS 9.1

128 ram about 120 megs/30 gigs of space


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    Does that model of iMac have a fan?

    High pitched noise is probably the hard drive. Probably normal, maybe not. Drives sometimes make noises before they fail tho...

    What do the logitech drivers drive? A USB device? How do you know they don't load? Is there a message? What does it say?

    Are you running the latest drivers?
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    That high-pitched sound is the drive. I was able to get one replaced under warranty. I would get headaches listening to it.

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    my comp hasn't locked up in 4 days now I've turned it on at least once a day, thats good, I guess it realized not to be a drag because If it is I'll replace it

    The drive sound sucks but I can live with it(mostly because of my stereo which over powers it hardcore)

    I COULD probably replace the drive somehow, But I'm planning on getting a new g5 when they come out(and if no g5 then a cheap used dual 800 g4)

    My computer already suffered one fatal crash, I lost all my files(including about 2 gigs of movies and 8 gigs of music, not to mention all my saved game files for various games)

    but I recovered.

    the cause of the crash was the catalog b-tree getting basically destroyed I had to high level reformat(unfortunatly I had no way to get my files off my computer first)

    luckily I was able to save my artwork a month earlier otherwise I would have died
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