Booting up my G3 PB with 3rd party drive

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I have a problem. I need to boot up my G3 Powerbook 333Mhz (bronze) from a 3rd party CD Drive (A VST Technologies CDRW drive). Everytime I try and boot up using the drive, my computer just hangs up on the first gray screen that comes up (I don't hear any drive activity). Unfortinatly I can't use my original CD Rom drive because it has stopped working.

Please oh please can anyone help???

Thanks in advance


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    Okay, I assume you have the drive media in the CDRW? Make sure it is a copy of MacOS that your machine can boot from. If it is in and restarting with "c" held down is not working then you could try the following:

    Hold down "option" on startup and see if it starts up into the OS selection screen. Give it time to display ALL viable operating systems (with an external drive it can take a while). Pick the CDRW if it comes up.

    I think people need more info though: What OS version are you running? Can you start up from hard drive okay? What do you need to start up from CD for (just in case we can find a way round it)?
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    The OS I'm running is 9.2.1. I don't have any problems starting up from my hard drive. The reason I need to boot from my slot loaded CDRW drive is to install OS 10.1
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    Holding down the option key doesn't seem to do anything different then holding down the c key....nothing.
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    [Apple] + [option] + [R] + [P] is a sure fire way to ensure that the machine boots from ANYTHING but the hard drive.

    The OSX install disc may not work because that VST drive might not be compatible with OSX
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