GPU 0 Die Temp Sensor ERROR on a MacBook Pro. Can anybody help?

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My wife has a 15-inch, 2.4GHz MacBook Pro model 3.1 laptop.

All of sudden the screen started to flicker, and after that, it could no longer be booted. Applelogo visible but the timewheel stops and nothing happens.

I managed to get hold of a copy of ASD (Apple Service Diagnostic) for her computer, and I found out what was wrong:

There is a test called "Temp Sensor - GPU 0 Die Temp" that fails. I get the following message:

"Temp sensor GPU 0 Die Temp test 1 - Sensor Reads Within Operating Range

- Check to ensure that sensor reads within operating range.

ERROR - Unable to read sensor


Temp sensor GPU 0 Die Temp test 8 - Sensor Noise Test

- Checks that sensor Noise is within spec.

ERROR - Unable to read sensor


If I look in the "Hardware Profile" under "sensor" I find the following:







descriptiont\tGPU 0 Heatsink Temp


The thing is that the problem seems to be intermittent. It comes and goes. All of a sudden the test passes and I can boot the computer. Some days the computer can work for a whole day, so it doesn´t seem to be related to temperature.

What do you guys and girls think? Is this fixable by myself? Does anybody know where this sensor is located? Maybe it´s just a bad connection, since it´s intermittent?

I feel I have come a little bit on the way to be able to solve this issue, and it would feel like a failure to be forced to leave the computer at an Apple Service Center, if it´s even worth it to do that. There is a risk that the computer is not worth a repair.

Could someone please chime in here for a clever advice?


Bo Reimer.


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