Problems With Macintosh Classic

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Hi Guys, I got a Mac Classic for my bro at the Thrift Shop. I saw it on display and it was like $7 so I was like "why not" I tested it there and it seemed fine. I brought it home and it seemed fine. The next day it wouldn't work. Whenever I flick it on it stays Idle at a grey screen with tiny black horizontal stripes. It stays like this for hours. Yesterday, I turned it on and it worked (mind you this is like 2 months after I first got it) I ran Norton and SAM and they all came out fine. I turned it on this morning and it stayed at the screen again. Whats going on? How do I fix it.


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    roborobo Posts: 469member
    Sounds like maybe a loose connection inside? Also, the motherboard battery is probably dead.. might have something to do with it.

    You can get a replacement battery at radioshack or some other such store.

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    I tried opening it but my screwdriver is far too short. I shook it a bit but it still didn't work. I found out that if I leave it on for about 5-7 minutes it turns on. Strange...
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    roborobo Posts: 469member
    Could be a loose connection that closes when the computer warms up a bit. Either way, you might want to open it and take a look...

    BUT BE CAREFUL! There are capacitors in the monitor that can kill you if you touch the wrong contacts. On second thoughts, don't open it unless you are 100% sure you can tell the montior electronics and the digital electronics apart.

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    It would probably be smarter to just take it to a Mac store and ask them to take a look. They can't charge me too much. It seems to be working better now anyway.


    I have a Mac LC II, what kind of monitor can I use for it and where do I get one in Toronto, Canada?
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    to take it apart you need a special hex tool. the macs used to come with one. looong shaft on them.

    also, sound like something that isn't worth worrying about. it's not like this is going to be a work machine or anything.

    and i second the vote to be really, really careful around those CRT's, they can be nasty.
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    It seems to be working fine now. Its a cool computer the only problem is that I cannot transfer anything from my current mac to that one. No floppy drive. Does anyone know of any CD-Rom drives that work with either Mac Classic or Mac LC II
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    You could network it.

    Before ethernet Macs were commonly networked through localtalk.

    I think this would work but I'm not 100%:

    Use one of the serial ports on the Mac Classic (printer or modem), hook a localtalk adapter to it. Run regular phone line from the local talk adapter to the modem port of the newer Mac.

    Configure AppleTalk Control Panel on both machines to connect over the new wire. Turn on filesharing on the newer Mac. Select the newer Mac from the Chooser on the Classic.

    Find someone who was networking Macs 10 years ago; they're sure to have some localtalk adaptors lying around. (I've got one you can borrow but only if you pick up and deliver to my house in Brooklyn -- I'm helpful not crazy).
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    Thanks AIO,

    My LC II has an ethernet card so I'm going to try to set up my Rogers@home internet on it. When I download things I can put them on floppies through it. Do you think it will be possible to use my cable internet on it, I don't care how slow it goes.
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    You might do better to download the files on a modern Mac, turn on filesharing and copy them via AppleTalk to the LC, then from the LC to the floppy.

    Whether you can get the LC on the net is another question. Does it have MacTCP installed? (this was as you may remember the TCP software on the Mac before OpenTransport) IIRC MacTCP 2.06 is what you want.
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    soundslike the battery to me too. Also you may want to check out the ram. Every time you restart your mac one of the first things it does is do a test on your ram. Not sure if such an old OS would do it, but it might be worth looking into
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    So how exactly do I make an Apple Talk connection? I've never done it before. Having pictures of something would help alot. What kind of cables would I need?
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