How do I copy a disc in OS X?

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Please don't mock me....too much at least

I love OS X but I can't figure out how to copy a disc. I have a que CD-RW and I burn discs directly from the Finder or iTunes with no problem (No, I am not making pirate copies of music/SW).What I cannot figure out is how to duplicate a CD. In the bad old days you copied a floppy by dragging the icon of one disk onto the other . This does not work in OS X with CDs. it attempts to copy files from one disc to the other and then gives an error that an identical item is on the desktop.

There was a utility back in the classic that you could use to copy discs as well. I cannot find a comparable tool in X. I have tried copy/paste and the "disk copy" utility without success.

Does anyone know how to make a byte for byte copy of a CD in X?


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    Disc Copy and Toast are your only options.

    Use either app to make an image of the CD you want to copy. Then use the same app to burn the image to a CD. If you are using Disc Copy, make sure you are in OS 10.1.x.
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