IBook Cd problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My iBook now (a 500 Dual USB) for about a week now opens the CD tray at every restart, regardless if there is a CD in it or not.

Ran first Aid, and zapped P-Ram.

It doesn't hinder it's performance, but is really anoying.

Thanks Guys.


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    jutusjutus Posts: 272member
    Could it be that the cd-eject switch on the cd-bay is stuck in the down position somehow?
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    mjpacimjpaci Posts: 79member
    Do you have a 3rd party USB mouse attached? Some mice when they become visible on startup have their mouse button in the "down" position. Any Mac troubleshooter worth his salt knows that mouse button down at startup means eject all media (cd, zip, dvd, floppy, etc).

    If not, then hmmm....

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    ngainngain Posts: 20member
    Thanks mjpaci, I do indeed have a 3rd Party Mouse installed.
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