FIXED - Cube slow to log in after upgrd to 10.1.2

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Hey yall,

I've not found any info on this on MacFixIt and Apple's support site is down, so I figured I'd see if anyone else has had the same problem.

After upgrading to 10.1.2 yesterday, it takes a really long time to log in on my Cube. It starts up normally, but when I type in my password, the status bar just churns for about 10 minutes. The hard drive is accessing, so it's doing something, but it takes forever to finally log in.

I've also had a problem that's been plaguing me for a while, even before the update. Sometimes when I connect to the Internet (dialup), the computer freezes for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The cursor still moves, but it's really jerky and I can't actually click anything. Opt-cmd-esc doesn't do anything either. Once it unfreezes it will dial up.

AND to top it all off, I've been having a problem with it freezing every time i shut down too. After I get my requisite error message saying that Classic won't shut down (that ALWAYS happens), and I force quit it, the system will go to a blue screen and sit there for about 5 minutes, then it will log out.

The freezing's becoming pretty annoying, and I can't figure out what's causing it. I'm starting to miss the old days of just about everything being related to an extension conflict in os 9 and under.

Thanks for any insight y'all have!

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    I also have a cube and have done the update. However, I don't experience any of these problems. Good luck
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    Two ideas:

    1. fsck your disk!! How? Restart holding down apple-s. That will take you to "single user mode"... a UNIX thing. At the prompt, enter the command[code]/sbin/fsck -y</pre><hr></blockquote>Keep entering that command if it says something like ***** FILESYSTEM WAS MODIFIED ****. When it says the disk is okay, enter the command[code]exit</pre><hr></blockquote>

    2. If that doesn't help, your launch services log may be corrupted (could explain the long log-in). Go to your ~/Library/Preferences forder and delete the three LS* files. They should be LSApplications, LSClaimedTypes, and LSSchemes. Log out, log in (there should be disk activiy expected now), wait for the disk access to sudside, log out, and log back in.

    Let us know if that still doesn't help.
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    thank you so much. dude, that was awesome. i just did the fsck thing, and it fixed everything. i have no idea what that did, but i'll swear by it. i thought the freezing when dialing up thing was just a bug!

    thanks again. huge help.

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