iBook Keyboard wedged in

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I just put an extra 256 in the wife's new iBook. Everything went well except the keyboard. Somehow I got it wedged on/in. It needs to come back out and go in right but I don't want to just pry it up.

Any suggestions?


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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I had that problem with my iBook when I first got it. Eventually a few keys came off and I couldn't get them back on so I called Apple and got a new keyboard. Keep trying and maybe you'll get it.
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    It's worse than I thought. One or more of the keys is getting hit when the screen it down so it goes into this weird wake/sleep/wake/sleep mode when the screen is down.

    I learned how to pop the keys off and on though. Maybe I?ll pop the top row off and see if I can see what?s holding it on. The spring tabs pull back and the board is loose there so it?s wedged in some place else
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    Phew! The wife got it up. She was able to grab it in the middle and bend the keyboard a tad so that it lifted right out. When you stick that sucker in you have to make extra sure that it's notched in at the bottom.
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