A Question For Long Time Mac Owners

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I didn't buy a Mac until the switch to Intel. Not that I waited so long because of that, but it just happened that way. I was just wondering if the people who've owned Macs since the Power PC days think about Intel Macs now that they've been out a few years. Think they are as good? Better? Worse? Would Macs still be running laps around PCs if they had PPC processors, or was that just marketing hype? Sound off!


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    Think they are as good? Better? Worse?

    Of course they're better. Light years ahead.


    Would Macs still be running laps around PCs if they had PPC processors

    That stopped happening around the late G4 era and that it stopped happening was the main reason for Apple switching. IBM wouldn't give Apple any sort of measurable timetable or roadmap for its releases, so Steve Jobs had to apologize for having said "The G5 will be at 3GHz next year," when it just plain didn't happen. Can't guarantee chip updates? Then we can't guarantee business with you.
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    Look up some of the old complaints on the G5's. Radiator leaks on liquid cooled models and a truly ridiculous number of logic board failures were among the problems there. The laptops were stuck with G4 processors up until they switched to intel. It seems like it was the right decision when they made it.
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    Looking at my Powerbook G4 and the PC laptop's out at the time the move was overdue as Power PC was falling behind in performance and energy consumption. It didn't look like it was going to change anytime soon so Apple was left with no choice but to move to Intel. Don't think they will be moving anytime soon as I can't see anything taking over x86 for a long while still.
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    PPCs were hitting a dead end. So were the Pentium4 and the megahertz hypes. Intel bounce back with the Core Duos and its road map, so Apple had to switch.

    NO WAY I was going to replace my G4 tower with the G5. The gigantic heatsink took 1/4 of the tower space. I knew that if when they switch over to Intel, Apple would add a 2nd optical drive in that space. And they did.

    I have been using a refurbished original Mac Pro for 5-6(?) years now. Its great. I added more RAM and upgraded the graphics card. It can run 5 instance of World of Warcraft, record and watch DVR smoothly. But not run a Flash video!
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